Demi Lovato FINALLY Embraces Poot Lovato


Do you remember Poot Lovato? Who are we kidding—of course you remember Poot Lovato. If you need a refresher on Poot’s origin though, a very candid picture of Demi Lovato made its way to Tumblr, where the legend of Poot (Demi’s twin who was locked in a basement for years, maybe decades) was born.

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Demi Lovato FINALLY Embraces Poot Lovato - poot tumblr

Source: BuzzFeed

Poot became a full-fledged meme.

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This was back in 2015, and at the time, Demi hated it.

Now, Poot has returned and, oddly enough, it’s Demi herself who brought her basement sister meme back to life. This week, Demi tweeted a Poot GIF with absolutely no explanation.


POOT IS FREE, but honestly, what does this ~mean~?

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