Demi Lovato is Stoked Over Her Very First Grammy Nomination

Congratulations Demi

This week the Grammy nominations were announced and we are so unbelievably happy with the results! Demi Lovato got her first ever Grammy nomination this year, and everyone is ecstatic for the singer herself!

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Just last year Demi took to twitter about how she was going to work hard and get herself a Grammy nomination saying, “I WILL get a Grammy nomination one day. No more F****in around. Let’s GO!!!!!” Now here we are in 2016 and Demi is nominated for “Best Pop Vocal Album.”

Demi woke up to the amazing news and took to Twitter about her excitement!

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She then later tweeted about how grateful she is to be nominated!


The cutest moment of all was whenever Demi’s mom congratulated her on her Grammy nomination, to which she responded “We did it momma.” There is nothing like mother daughter love!


Many celebrities also congratulated Demi on her nomination, and her good friend Joe Jonas was the first to show the singer some love.


Then his brother Nick chimed in to congratulate her as well, and we couldn’t agree more! She definitely does deserve this!


Even Shovel Buddies star Bella Thorne took to Twitter to congratulate her good friend!


We are so very proud of Demi for finally receiving this nomination! After dreaming about this, and working so very hard over the past year, she finally is nominated for a Grammy. Demi definitely deserves it considering that she has some pretty killer vocals! Huge congratulations to the pop singer.

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