Did Netflix Just Announce Another Gilmore Girls Season?

A cryptic tweet has us hoping

*Major Warning* This article definitely includes spoilers from Gilmore Girls: A Year in Life. If you haven’t watched, go binge immediately. If you have, carry on and be prepared to have your hopes majorly raised.

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So here’s the sitch. We smell some serious “there’s gonna be a new season of Gilmore Girls” teasing from good ole Netflix, and we’re here to crack the case. *whips out Harriet the Spy notebook I still have from the fourth grade* Let’s get started:

Netflix, a little over a month after releasing the four-part revival, tweeted this cryptic gem:

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At first glance, the image and text simply make a cute connection between Rory’s current baby daddy dilemma and April’s 8th-grade science fair project where she discovers Luke is her father. But there is SO MUCH MORE here if you take a few minutes (read: hours) to reflect.


A Year in the Life was Amy Sherman-Palladino’s chance to tie up her beloved Gilmore Girls in a pretty little bow, a chance for her to know her undyingly faithful fans could sleep peacefully with closure. But did she do that? No. She left us with a cold, hard, purposeful cliffhanger. And if anyone knows how to write a purposeful cliffhanger, it’s Amy (do I have to remind y’all about the season 5 finale where Lorelai proposes to Luke, and he just looks at her with his mouth hanging open and then it just cuts to black like there is no God? I didn’t think so).

Indeed, Amy left us undeniably with a season finale not a series ending. She left us with question after question, the most burning being who is the father of Rory’s unborn child? And this question, so conveniently, is the first thing Netflix puts back in our mind after weeks and weeks of Gilmore Girls silence. Amy has done it again; with four simple words, she has created enough drama to sustain another full season of Gilmore Girls, and we have a pretty good feeling Netflix is so on board.

Take a pregnant (sorry) pause to reflect on that. There definitely could be another season of Gilmore Girls.

Oy with the poodles, already! It’s almost too much to handle.

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