Does Dove Cameron Have A New Boyfriend?

Here's why we think she does

Dove Cameron might just have a new boo!

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Back in October, Dove Cameron went through a pretty heartbreaking split with her fiance, Ryan McCartan. And ever since then, fans have been waiting to see who the next lucky guy would be.

Well it looks like we might finally have an answer to that question! Dove has been getting seriously close with her Descendants 2 co-star, Thomas Doherty. And we’re not gonna lie, he is pretty dreamy. The two have made a lot of appearances on each other’s social media pages since, ya know, they star in a movie together. But fans started noticing some flirtatious Instagram behavior a couple months ago when Thomas posted this video of them sharing a sandwich. And we all know that means. They were hungry.

We share food 🍔 @dovecameron

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But then, just this past week, things escalated real quick when the two apparently went on a romantic getaway together in London. Thomas tweeted this picture of Dove standing in what looks like a hotel room…in her pajamas…


One fan on Twitter perfectly explained what’s going on in all of our heads.


Plus, they were all over each other’s snapchats, so they were pretty clearly on vacation together.


But we’re not even done yet. Because they’ve been retweeting each other’s lovey *dovey* tweets, and then earlier this week, Dove took things to a whole new level when she posted this pic on Instagram.

tall thing

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Yeah, that is a picture of one shirtless man by the name of Thomas Doherty with the caption “tall thing.” Because that is totally the first thing that pops into our heads when we see this picture. He is so tall! But the real question is…why is Dove taking a picture of Thomas getting dressed? If that’s even what’s happening? (And since all you ladies out there wanted her to wait until he turned around, we found this for you. You’re welcome.)

Working out with my gal and the bro 🐶👬

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So, what do you guys think about Dove and Thomas? Do you ship the two?

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