Ed Sheeran Just Covered A Britney Spears Song

And All Our 90s Dreams Came True

We could listen to Ed Sheeran‘s cover of Britney Spears‘ “Baby One More Time” like, a million times.

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Britney’s iconic song dropped almost 20 years ago in 1998, and we have Spotify to thank for today’s ultimate throwback. To celebrate the 100th release on their Singles program (where artists record two songs – a live version of their next big hit and a cover), Spotify blessed us with this gift from Ed Sheeran. It came alongside “Castle on the Hill,” the studio version of which was streamed over five million times on its release day back in January.

Spotify users can treat themselves to Ed’s cover of the Britney classic right here:

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Ed, who joined James Corden on his iconic “Carpool Karaoke” segment this week, also had another huge moment today: his song “Shape of You” hit one billion streams on Spotify. Yes, that’s “billion” with a “b.”

Carpooling with James Corden, smashing streaming records, and covering 90s classics – just a typical week in the world of Ed Sheeran. And did we mention he’s guest starring on “Game of Thrones” later this year, too?

Featured Image Source: Today