Ed Sheeran Got a Flip Phone and Now We Love Him Even More

Totally OG

Prior to Ed Sheeran dropping two new (awesome) singles last week, you were probably wondering where on earth he’s been and why he’s no longer on social media. Well, we now know why: he got a flip phone.

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That’s right. The U.K.-based singer took his technology wayyyy back by purchasing a Motorola flip phone. Now before you flip out like Adele did (after talking about his new phone over dinner together, apparently the songstress thought Ed was making fun of her flip phone from the “Hello” video), Ed’s reason for going old school is seriously legit — and inspiring.

In an interview with BBC’s Radio 1 Breakfast, Ed opened up about where he’s been and why he decided to ditch his smart phone.

“I have an addictive personality, you can see from the tattoos. So my New Year’s resolution was to get off social media,” he revealed to the radio show.

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Though we miss Ed on social media, we can totally relate to his decision. Who hasn’t wanted to stay off Snap and Instagram for more than a week?

We congratulate Ed on his dedication to being healthy, although we’re pretty sure he might have to answer “Hello” a few more times than usual. Flip phones don’t exactly have the best reception. 🙂


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