Ed Sheeran Is Releasing New Music THIS FRIDAY

And he's hinted about the title of the new album

Ed Sheeran made headlines and broke our collective hearts in December 2015 when he announced that he was taking a break from music and from social media.

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Ed Sheeran Is Releasing New Music THIS FRIDAY

Ed kept his word and has been pretty much completely out of the public eye for over a year (except a few notable appearances, like pal Taylor Swift’s Fourth of July bash).

Now, though, Ed is baaaaaaaack in a big way. He returned to Twitter on New Year’s Day to make a big announcement: He’s releasing new music on FRIDAY. Yes, as in just DAYS AWAY.

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On January 2, Ed **PROBABLY** revealed the name/primary color of his new album: Divide and blue.


Ed’s first two albums were + and X (pronounced “plus” and “multiply,” respectively), so fans were already expecting his new album to follow convention. The album art for + was all orange and X hit fans with brilliant green. Ed’s second teaser tweet revealed a division symbol and a GORGEOUS shade of blue.

Then, on January 3, Ed tweeted yet another album clue, a video that spells out “When I was six years old I broke my leg…”

Color us intrigued, Ed. And, for the record, intrigued is that exact shade of blue you’ve been tweeting and using as your profile picture everywhere.

Featured Image Source: Playbuzz