Ed Sheeran Wrote ‘Love Yourself’ For His New Album

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Everyone knows Justin Bieber’s smash hit ‘Love Yourself’ that came out more than a year ago, and we all definitely still jam to it in the car. The one thing that people may not know is that someone else had a hand in writing the hit along with Justin!

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Ed Sheeran has taken a break over the past year to travel and rest. Even though he was MIA he still had time to write some major hits for Justin Bieber.

In a recent interview with Carson Daly, Ed Sheeran reveals that he wrote ‘Love Yourself’ originally for his new album Divide. (Listen to Ed cover the song here.) Ed believed that the song would not have made the cut for the album, but then Justin took it and put his own spin on the song and it ended up being Billboard #1 of 2016! Ed mentioned in the interview, “it just shows you that you shouldn’t always write stuff off.”

For those of you who are hardcore Bieber fans, you may have noticed during the summer when Justin released ‘Cold Water’  that he mentioned Ed Sheeran in the tweet along with Major Lazer and Benny Blanco.

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Ed mentioned in the interview with Carson Daly that he had wrote ‘Cold Water’ but completely forgotten about it. Once the song had been released he noticed that he did help write a bit of the song! He also mentioned that the song was intended to be a lot more slower than what it is now.

We cannot wait for Ed’s new album Divide! 2017 is definitely the year for Ed Sheeran!

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