Emma Watson’s Advice On What Makes A Good Boyfriend

Best advice ever

There’s no better person to give advice than the magnificent actress, women’s rights activist and all around phenomenal person, Emma Watson.

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During a fun, special segment with Derek Blasberg for Vanity Fair, “Derek Does Stuff With a Friend”, a few lucky people were able to ask Emma Watson for advice.

Derek Blasberg went around Grand Central Terminal in New York City with a strap-on advice booth that read, “Advice from Emma Watson, $2.” Emma Watson was virtually there and people were able to chat with her via a tablet and ask a question that they were itching to find out the answer to.

Emma Watson Gives Advice On How To Be A Good Boyfriend

Source: Vanity Fair

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The whole segment was incredible, but one part that really stuck out was when two young boys asked the Beauty and The Beast star how to be a good boyfriend. Emma Watson excitedly answered, “Aw, well, even just by asking the question, you’re an amazing boyfriend. I think really it’s just being kind in any way that you can and… dancing! Oh, you should dance with her. Boys that dance are so great.”

Marvelous advice, Emma! We totally agree. Boys, it’s time to get your dance moves on. Another excellent part about this segment is that the money earned is actually going to charity. Fantastic advice for a terrific cause.

Check out what else Emma Watson had to say and some other wonderful advice she gave in this awesome video for Vanity Fair below!


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