Emma Watson Hides Books in NYC Subway

Who needs a library?

Emma Watson is inspiring us more than ever right now — and making Hermione Granger very proud. The actress and U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador — and now book fairy — took to the NYC subway system this week to hide copies of Mom & Me & Mom, a Maya Angelou autobiography as part of her “Our Shared Shelf,” her international feminist book club. (If you haven’t joined Emma’s book club, you can join at anytime. Like, right now.)

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Earlier this month, the Beauty and the Beast star hit the underground of London and hid the same books into corners of subway cars for the lucky passerby who peeped her literary presents.

Mom & Me & Mom, published in 2013, is Emma’s November/December book selection and tells the story of Angelou’s sometimes rocky relationship with her mother, Vivian Baxter, with whom she eventually reconciled. It examines both motherhood and daughterhood, as well as black families, and is considered a must-read for feminist book worms, like Emma.

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Before Emma took to the New York subway, she tweeted: “Today I am going to deliver Maya Angelou books to the New York subway. Then I am going to fight even harder for all the things I believe in.” Preach it, #girlboss.

So if you’re in New York, make sure to keep your eyes peeled. Remember: it’s finders, keepers!