Fans Think Liam Payne Has Lost His Accent


Liam Payne has been through a lot of changes lately. To be fair, the same could be said for all of the One Direction guys, but between going solo and becoming a dad, Liam’s list of changes has been particularly long. One change fans aren’t here for though: The one that seems to be happening to his accent.

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Liam did an interview with KIIS-FM at Wango Tango, in which he teased his new music (that he co-wrote with a little-known singer/songwriter by the name of Ed Sheeran, NBD). But even though Liam dropped HUGE news in the clip, the part that really caught fans’ ears was his seemingly-disappearing accent, Teen Vogue reports.

Fans took to Twitter (because where else do you go with this kind of crisis?) to voice their concern for Liam’s sultry British accent.

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Where in the world is Liam’s accent? Only time will tell, but fans will definitely be listening for it when his new single, “Strip That Down,” is released Friday, May 19.

[H/T: Teen Vogue]

Featured Image Source: ET