Fifth Harmony Just Took The Stage For The First Time Since Camila Left

they slayed

Looks like the girls of Fifth Harmony are finally back in action. Last night they performed “Work From Home” at the People’s Choice Awards and it was a pretty big deal because…it was their first time performing without Camila.

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They hit the stage in these all black, leather ensembles. As the song started they were all posing in their own boxes. As we all know, Camila sings the first line of the song. So the girls made a super powerful statement when they all sang the first line of the song in harmony. Not to mention the words of the first line are literally “We ain’t worried ’bout nothing. We ain’t worried ’bout nada”, and then the music just stopped so you could soak in that line. Talk about making a statement.

From there each girl had a solo while dancing in their boxes. And when they started singing, their names would come up behind them on the huge screen. Probably another big statement there. Because there’s one pretty big name missing from that screen…

These girls seriously did not miss a beat, their harmonies were tight, and to top it all off, right after their performance they won the best group award! Watch the video below.

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Fans were super supportive and were not quiet about their thoughts on Twitter.


We were so happy to see Fifth Harmony absolutely slaying this performance, and we are so excited to see what they have in store for us this year!

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