Fifth Harmony Just Performed The First Song They Ever Sang Together

Yes, it will make you cry

This week on Dancing With the Stars, the theme “Most Memorable Year” created a platform for our favorite contestant, Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei, to shine.  She chose 2012, the year that changed everything for her. After her family persuaded her to audition for X Factor, Normani was given her big break and introduced to four other ladies that would start it all. “In 2012, my parents convinced me to audition for X Factor. I met four beautiful girls,” Normani explained.

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The dance she competed with on this week’s DWTS is an ode to the sacrifices her family made for her career, the beginning of Fifth Harmony, and the oncoming excitement of pop stardom. Normani explains in depth the inspiration behind the choreography and her performance in the clip below, and even though it’s very hard to beat, that’s not even the best part. The clip goes on to show her spectacular performance, which is set to the first song she ever sang with the other members of Fifth Harmony (“Impossible” by Shontelle). And guess who’s there to sing behind her dancing? Fifth Harmony themselves! Now that is #FriendshipGoals.


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The dance was phenomenal, but, in all honesty, our favorite part was the massive Fifth Harmony group hug at the end. Now, if you’re not already having  MAJOR FEELS, we’ll get you with this. Here’s the video of Fifth Harmony singing for the very first time together in 2012.

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