Is Fifth Harmony’s Lauren Jauregui Going Solo?

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As we all know, Camila Cabello was the first member of Fifth Harmony to dip her feet in the solo world, but we’re not complaining. 5H is still going strong and “Bad Things” is a serious jam, so we’ve kind of been getting the best of both worlds. Ooh oh ooh.

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But it looks like Camila is no longer the only member of 5H that is venturing out on her own for some new music. Because Lauren Jauregui’s latest Instagram posts have the rumor mills seriously churning! Just yesterday, Lauren posted this pic on Insta of her and a couple of friends, which if you’re just looking at it, seems pretty normal, right? Well, if you look a little deeper, there’s actually loads of clues that all point to one thing…

Hope y'all are ready❤️ @marianhillmusic

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The two people in the picture are actually production artist, Jeremy Lloyd, and vocalist Samantha Gongol, and the two of them make up a songwriting group called, “Marian Hill.” Ok, so Lauren’s been hanging out with other people from the music biz, that still seems pretty normal right? Well, maybe, but look at the caption. “Hope y’all are ready?” Ready for what? I mean, maybe they just ordered pizza and she hopes they’re ready for it, but probably not. Especially because just this morning, Lauren posted a picture of what kinda looks like super artsy cover art, and tagged them again!

@marianhillmusic x

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So, we dug even deeper and actually found Marian Hill’s Instagram, and this is where things get pretty crazy! Shortly after Lauren posted that pic this morning, Marian Hill posted a preview of a new song. And judging by the caption, we’re guessing the song is called “Back To Me” and features none other than…Lauren Jauregui! Check it out! So, it’s kind of hard to tell, but we’re pretty sure the voice on this preview isn’t Lauren, which means it’s probably Samantha from Marian Hill. So I guess we’ll have to wait until it comes out on Friday to hear the rest of the song!

#BackToMe 12.9.16 @laurenjauregui

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Watch the full video here:


Hosted by: Arianna Jonae

Written by: Sierra Middlebrooks

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