Meet the First Girl to Receive a Football Scholarship

Taking names, making history

Another day, another amazing woman making history. Meet Becca Longo, the first female to receive a college scholarship for Division I or II football.

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Becca had no idea she was making history until after she signed her letter of intent to play the postion of kicker at Adams State University in Colorado next year. “I didn’t know until … Coach Todd was saying that I had just made history,” she explained to Channel 12. “Like, I had no idea. I just thought I was just signing a piece of paper, that I was just going to go do what I love to do,” she added.

Becca then took to Twitter to share her excitement to be continuing her football career.

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It’s clear Becca has quite the leg on her. As a senior playing football for her high school, Becca made 35 out of 38 extra-point field goal attempts. It’s easy to see why Adams State coach, Timm Rosenbach, took an interest in her.

But what was it like recruiting a female athlete for a traditionally all-male sport? “It was like recruiting any other athlete,”  Timm Rosenbach explained. “In Division II, we can see their workouts. To me, there is no doubt she can be competitive. She has a strong leg and she can be very accurate.”

When it comes to Becca’s haters that still believe football is a “man’s sport,” Becca calmly replies, “”I just ignore it, and don’t listen to it. I just do what I do.”

And we can’t wait to see her do what she does as she takes the field next season.

PS: New crush/spirit animal/inpiration? We think so.

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