Four-Year-Old Recreates Zendaya’s Met Gala Look

And totally slays it

Zendaya‘s flawless Met Gala look not only made it into our 2017 Best Dressed List and Rihanna’s Instagram, it also made its way into a four-year-old fashionista’s heart. A week after the Met Gala, Aili’s mother took to Twitter to post a side by side image of Zendaya and her totally confident toddler, who recreated Zendaya’s winning look.

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Aili, who we can only image might design for Zendaya one day, nailed the vibrant dress, au natural hair, red lips, and even the pose. While Project Runway might have turned “fierce” into an almost comically overrated adjective, is there really any other word to describe Aili and her fashion prowess? Fierce, slay, lit, extra –– take all the words, Aili!

Aili’s mother prompted the good ole Internet to tag Zendaya in hopes she would see it, and it worked! Zendaya posted Aili on her Instagram calling her “a little princess.”

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Please look at this little princess😩❤️

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We now have literal proof young girls are watching and imitating young celebrities, so we’re sure glad we have Zendaya–a role model proud of her race, sex, and artistry.

We’re not the only ones praising Zendaya either. After the Met Gala, Rihanna (who won the fashion extravaganza), called her a “brown goddess,” posting Zendaya’s look to Instagram.

brown goddess.

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Zendaya took it as the ultimate praise, posting her candid reaction on Snapchat:


What a splendid chain reaction of Queens! We can only wait until next year’s Met Gala… Aili, might we suggest calling Zendaya up for a fashion consulting sesh?

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