“Foursome” Cast Members Celebrate A Hilarious, New Season At Their Special Screening

You go Andie Fixler

High school can be such a handful sometimes – you know, those awkward moments, plus trying to balance school, friendships, romance, and extracurriculars. Whew, we’re tired just thinking about it! But when you have your three best-friends by your side, things definitely get a whole lot better.

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AwesomenessTV‘s very own show, “Foursome” instantaneously stole everyone’s hearts as soon as the epic first season was released on YouTube Red. We all have to admit that we all have certain aspects about Andie Fixler, Dakota, Imogen, and Courtney that remind us of ourselves. Well, get ready “Foursome” fans as the second season is coming your way and you have no idea what hilarious moments are in store in this incredible, second season.

“Foursome” cast-members had a blast celebrating their super funny, second season during a special screening that took place on November 29th at the YouTube Space LA. The special screening aired episode one and four of the season and let’s just say that you will be crying from laughing so hard after watching this season of “Foursome.”

"Foursome" Cast Members Celebrate A Hilarious, New Season At Their Special Screening; Foursome Cast

Photography: Sean Bradley

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Andie Fixler, played by the fantastic Jenn McAllister, is taking control over her sophomore year in an awesome way and moving on to new things, that is, if her brother Alec will allow it. Alec, the football-playing, dabbing king, played by none other than the phenomenal Logan Paul, is still getting in the way of his younger sister’s high school life, but will Andie allow that? You’ll just have to tune in to this new season to find out.

Of course, getting through high school is made a lot easier for Andie with her best-friends by her side. The four best-friends that anyone could have definitely have a lot of unforgettable memories throughout this season.

"Foursome" Cast Members Celebrate A Hilarious, New Season At Their Special Screening; Jenn McAllister and Rickey Thompson Hug

Photography: Sean Bradley


“Foursome” is one of those shows that you totally can’t get enough of. We all know that you guys have been having some major “Foursome” withdrawals, but have no fear as the second season of “Foursome” drops on YouTube Red on December 6th. Be sure to catch an all new season of “Foursome” and get ready for some hysterical, awkward high school moments you don’t want to miss.

Watch the official trailer for “Foursome” season two below!


Featured Image Photography:  Sean Bradley