Get the First Look at Taylor Swift and Zayn’s New Music Video

Hot af

Okay, Taylor Swift is officially crowned Queen of the Tease. Frist, she announces her new killer collab, “I Don’t Want to Live Forever,” the night of its release without a single whisper beforehand. Next, she wishes Zayn a happy birthday by releasing the first image from their much anticipated new music video; a week later, she posts a red, sultry photo of herself from the music video shoot.  Still, there’s no release date in sight, until today that is.

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Taylor Swift just posted a first look clip of the “I Don’t Want to Live Forever” music video with the caption: “Video tomorrow night midnight est #idontwanttoliveforever #fiftyshadesdarker.” So, we have our answer. FRIDAY, PEOPLE. It’s coming out Friday. And how steamy does it look?


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Zayn posted the same clip as well, however, being the rebel he is, didn’t use any hashtags and just went with, “🕛 FRIDAY.” We’re sure there’s a movie exec out there fretting over the missing hashtags, but whatevs, all we care about is watching this a second time. PS: Notice Zayn’s choice of photo for his Insta video compared to Tay’s. Ha.


Okay, so all we know about the video so far is that it’s in London, Zayn brakes a bunch of dishes, there’s lots of rain, and Taylor Swift is rocking the trench coat/lingerie combo. Hmmm. Does this mean the two are in the tumultuous relationship together? Or, are they both living the “We need to define this relationship” hell with separate partners?

Looks like we’ll have to wait until tomorrow at midnight to find out.

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