‘Gilmore Girls’ Sneak Peak Trailer Released

We Finally Know When the Revival Will Make Its Debut

Hold on to your hats Gilmore Girl Fans! Netflix has finally released the date for the “Gilmore Girl” revival. The four 90 minute no commercial “chapters” of “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” will all be on Netflix for you to watch on Nov 25 at midnight PST. So get ready to hunker down with all your Thanksgiving left overs and reunite with the fabulous Gilmore Girls, and the crazy townsfolk of Stars Hollow. So mark it down on your calendars, and let the countdown begin!

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Each of the four chapters will cover a season (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer), and throughout the series we will see most if not all of our favorite characters reprise their roles except one, and it’s not Melissa McCarthy. Edward Hermann, who played Rory’s grandfather Richard, passed away in 2014, but will definitely be honored throughout the chapters.

Amy Sherman-Palladino with her partner Daniel Palladino wrote and directed all 4 chapters, which is awesome because they were the original writers and executive producers of Gilmore Girls. The duo did not write or produce the final season of the show, so we will finally get to see how it was really supposed to play out according to them. It will be sad to see that Emily is now a widow, but it will be  great to see what our favorite characters have been up to.

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Netflix has released a little trailer to tie us over until the big day, and it basically leaves you wanting for more as you watch Lorelei and Rory’s usual mile-a- minute banter. Amy Schumer and John Oliver are topics of conversation in this clip which is hilarious.

In an interview with the Television Critics Association panel, Amy and Dan, and stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, and Scott Patterson were on hand. Even though they couldn’t give away all the secrets, they gave enough information to keep us content until the revival.

Here’s what we do know about the revival so far:

Rory is living and working in London , and has a job she loves, but still doesn’t feel complete. Bledal tells reporters that she works for a newspaper, and unfortunately this is the time when newspapers are becoming irrelevant and that has a little bit to do with the struggle she’s feeling.  She told the panel “Because the world is changing now, I think that’s something that a lot of 30-something, very well educated kids are going through, because they’re turning around going, wait a minute, I did it! Why am I not getting where I need to go?” We also know from Bledal that all the questions we have about Rory’s love life will be finally answered.

Unfortunately November is four months away, but in the meantime until the revival you can catch up on all of your favorite Gilmore Girl episodes on Netflix. Thank you Amy Sherman Palladino for bringing our G.G’s back!

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