‘Girl Meets World’ Is Officially Ending

And we have a LOT of feelings

Girl Meets World fans got some heavy news today: After three seasons and 69 episodes, Disney Channel has officially canceled the series, Forbes reports. Star Rowan Blanchard penned an emotional, heartfelt letter to fans about the cancellation.

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We’re devastated to hear that our beloved GMW won’t be coming back for a fourth season, but we’ll always have the good time to remember/re-binge on Netflix. Here are just some of the reasons Girl Meets World will forever live on in our hearts.

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1. Riley and Maya’s friendship is GOALS. 

#GirlMeetsHollyworld what did you all think of last nights episode?

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2. Those nostalgic Boy Meets World moments gave us life. 

#GirlMeetsMasterPlan throwback thank you all for 226k!

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3. Cory and Topanga were A+ parents. 


4. Riley was maybe the most relatable teen on television. 


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5. Rowan Blanchard is literally the coolest IRL.

Lover of Fashion

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6. Those season one photos will always give us such feels. 

'Girl Meets World' Is Ending - Girl Meets World cast

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7. The life lessons were real. 


8. We will forever ship Riley and Lucas. 


9. …And Maya and Lucas. 


10. But TBH, not as hard as we ship Riley and Maya’s friendship. Did we already list their friendship? Because it’s worth saying twice.

#GirlMeetsSkiLodge Get yourself a friend like Riley or Maya.

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