Harry Styles’ First Music Video as a Solo Artist Is Here

Watch the official "Sign of the Times" music video

Remember when fans caught Harry Styles dangling from the sky a few week ago? Of course, you do; who could forget? Well, the final product of his Peter Pan-esque day is here. Take a look at Harry’s first music video as a solo artist, as well as the official music video for “Sign of the Times.” Yes, as we suspected, there is flying. We just didn’t expect this much flying.

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Harry recently filled us in on the true meaning behind his first single as a solo artist. While some thought “Sign of the Times” was an anthem mourning the state of the world, he corrected us by revealing that the song is actually about a mother who while giving birth is told her baby boy will make it, but she will not. This song his her goodbye to her son as she leaves this earth.

With this newfound knowledge, we can only assume the flying Harry in this video is representing the mother who is “breaking through the atmosphere” and reporting “things are pretty good from here” (aka departing this world, on her journey to her afterlife.) Right?

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Either way, the video is breathtaking (it was shot on location in Scotland) and the song just gets more powerful the more you listen to it. That being said, we’d be lying if we said we didn’t giggle a few times while Styles zoomed around in the sky. He sure looked good doing it though! You can give us a flying lesson any day of the week, Styles.

Harry Styles debut album, Harry Styles, will by available May 12. To keep you occupied until then, take a listen to his newly released single “Sweet Creature.” We are literally obsessed and searching for a love like this.

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