Harry Styles Hints At Solo Music And A Release Date In New Ad

yes, seriously

We’ve been waiting for Harry Styles to announce new music for what seems like FOREVER and the day might finally be here.

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This past Saturday, a TV ad featuring Harry Styles aired in the UK, and while it was mysterious, it gave us one big piece of information – expect something from Harry Styles on April 7th. Check out the ad below (*warning: it will give you a lot of feels*).

While the ad was ambiguous and didn’t specify what we can expect from Harry, we suspect it’s new music. Last month the CEO of Columbia Records revealed that new music from Harry is “not far away from being ready”.

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You also might have noticed that on Saturday Harry posted three blank photos on Instagram, which he’s done before, right before announcing something big.

The new ad has us crossing our fingers that Harry will be releasing his first single as a solo artist. While we’re so excited to see Harry make his film debut in Dunkirk later this year, we’ve been itching for some new music from the curly haired English singer.

We’ll just be here patiently waiting for April 7th.

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