Harry Styles Just Released the Name of His New Project

Is this his new single? We think so.

Harry Styles has been keeping us on our toes lately, and we love it. Just last Saturday, he posted three blank photos on his Instagram, his go-to move before releasing something new. Then, he released an artsy fartsy yet totally sexy ad teasing the date April 7th. Take look if you’re behind on your Harry Styles google alerts:

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It feels like new music right? We have a hunch this is him teasing the release of his first single of his solo career.

Just when he’d gone silent, and we thought it was safe to put our phones away for the weekend (haha, yeah right), Harry throws us one more bone via Instagram. Just today, March 31st, he posted what looks like album cover art with the caption: SIGN.OF.THE.TIMES // 7.APRIL.17 //

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The little “Columbia” square – the logo of the label he’s signed with – on the bottom right of the photo has us almost POSITIVE he’s been teasing a new single. Sign of the Times… hmm what a great title. Could the song possibly be about growing up and moving on from an insanely successful boyband? Maybe.

We only have 7 days until we find out, folks. Stay tuned; we are now way too emotionally invested in this and will be giving you any and every update we can.

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