Harry Styles Sang The Taylor Swift Song on SNL

Or did he?

This past Saturday night, Harry Styles surprised us on multiple levels when he joined SNL as their musical guest. Not only did he absolutely steal the show during the classic Family Feud sketch impersonating Mick Jagger with the rest of the SNL cast, he also blew us away on the musical front.

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After his Mick Jagger appearance, Harry took the stage to perform the song we’ve all been playing on repeat since last week–his first single from his debut album, “Sign of the Times.” The live performance wowed us, reminding us that not only does he have amazing writing chops, the man can sing. Like really sing. Take a listen:

How excited are you for his solo career now!? Bowie, are you listening up there?

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Harry took the stage once again at the end of the evening, and while we were expecting he’d be debuting his new song “Kiwi” since he literally handed out slices of kiwi to the audience before the taping, he surprised us with the first live performance of “Ever Since New York.” Ever since Styles released his debut album track list last week, fans have been speculating that the New York titled song must be about his whirlwind of a relationship with Taylor Swift, considering A. Their first public spotting as a couple was in New York and B. Taylor’s song “Welcome to New York.”

After the performance, however, we’re not so sure. They lyrics could potentially be about the other side of a tough breakup, but we’re not convinced. Some are even speculating that it’s a song about the aftermath of 9/11, which would be interesting since Styles is British. Take a listen and decide for yourself. We’ve placed the lyrics under the video so you can read along.


Tell me something, tell me something. You don’t know nothing, just pretend you doI need something, so tell me something new. Choose your words ’cause there’s no antidote. For this curse or, what’s it waiting for? Must desert you, just before you go. Oh, tell me something I don’t already know. Oh, tell me something I don’t already know Brooklyn saw me, empty avenues. There’s no water inside this swimming pool. Almost over, that’s enough from youI’ve been praying, I never did before. Understand I’m talking to the walls. And I’ve been praying ever since New York. Oh, tell me something I don’t already know. Oh, tell me something I don’t already know.

Whatever the song is about, we honestly just love seeing Harry’s expression as a solo artist. It’s clear he’s writing for himself, not just to create the next money-making hit. Oh! And a female drummer? Fantastic, Harry!

Harry Styles debut solo album, Harry Styles, will be released on May 12.

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