Harry Styles Just Spilled a Secret About One Direction’s Name

Harry Styles Just Spilled a Hilarious Secret About One Direction's Name

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We have Simon Cowell to thank for One Direction, the global music phenomenon that has dominated our lives since 2010. But we’ve always had one big question: Who’s responsible for coming up with the band’s unique name?

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In a recent interview with CBS Sunday Morning, 1D singer Harry Styles finally gave us an answer.

“I think it was me, actually,” Styles said. “I know they’re not here to defend anything else, but it was me,” Styles added referring to his 1D bandmates.

So there you have it. Harry Styles himself came up with the name that would go on to grace notebooks, T-shirts, and posters taped to teenage girls’ walls all around the world.

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As for the meaning behind the name? Turns out not even the mastermind himself has the answer.

“I honestly don’t know. I thought it sounded good. We threw around names for a little bit… I suggested it and everyone was like, ‘Yeah, we like that’ and then it kind of stuck and that’s what it was,” Styles explained.

Kind of absurd, but we’re cool with that.

Styles also revealed that his mom was the driving force behind his decision to audition for The X Factor.

“We used to watch the show as a family and one time in passing I said, ‘That looks like it’d be fun,’ and then a couple weeks later she said, ‘You have an audition for the show on Sunday,'” said Styles.

Safe to say, it’s been a crazy ride for Styles ever since.

Dahlia Neeman
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