Harry Styles Revealed If His Song “Two Ghosts” Is About Taylor Swift

All signs point to yes

We know that a lot of musicians get their inspiration from personal experiences in their lives, and with Harry Styles’ masterpiece of an album that just blessed our playlists, it has us all wondering what (and who) all of these songs are about. After listening to Harry’s song, “Two Ghosts,” many fans have been thinking that the song is about none other than Taylor Swift, who Harry used to date.

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Just recently, Harry Styles sat down for an interview with Nick Grimshaw at BBC’s Radio 1 where he talked all about his new music. Of course, Harry couldn’t leave without answering everyone’s burning question: “Is “Two Ghosts” actually about Taylor Swift?” Well, Nick Grimshaw is totally the MVP as he asked the question straight up to Harry and his response was pretty epic.


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Nick Grimshaw went ahead and asked Harry, “What is this song about?” to which Harry answered, “I mean, I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I think it is.” Then comes the part we love the most, Harry turned over to his manager, Jeffrey and said, “Help me Jeffrey!” We seriously can’t get over how super cute and hilarious that moment was.

Afterwards, Harry Styles continued on by saying, “It’s about, sometimes things change and you can do all of the same things and sometimes it’s just different, you know?”

Watch it all go down in the video that BBC Radio shared below on Twitter and wait until the end for the best part ever.

Whatever (or shall we say… whoever) “Two Ghosts” is about, what we do know is that the song is absolutely remarkable and we’re definitely going to continue to jam out to it all day, every day.

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