Harry Styles Will Be Appearing on SNL April 15th

No, this is not a drill

We’re beginning to think 2017 is going to be Harry Styles’ year.

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A few days ago, on March 25th, Harry released a mysterious ad which aired in the UK. Featuring the silhouette of Harry walking through a smokey room and a brief close up of his green eyes, the ad told us only one thing: watch out for something big on April 7th.

It’s important to note that releasing the ad on March 25th is very particular timing because it marks exactly one year since Zayn released his debut solo album, Mind of Mine. It also marks the two year anniversary of Zayn departing from One Direction. Not only that, but it also just served as a big day for Liam Payne when he shared the news that he and girlfriend Cheryl had welcomed their baby into the world. It seems like this day is symbolic of new beginnings for the members (and former members) of One Direction.

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Everyone is suspecting that Harry is going to be releasing his first single as a solo artist on April 7th, and we have much reason to believe this is true.

Just this morning, SNL announced that Harry Styles will be appearing on the show April 15th. And according to Billboard, Harry will be performing his brand new single (and *possibly* two singles, as there are slots for two performances for musical guests).

Additionally, earlier today Teen Vogue reported that Harry just launched a teaser website. So far the site consists of a single image, so it’s not giving much away (in fact, it’s not giving anything away). But we have a feeling pretty soon we will be getting more hints as to what to expect from Harry. Over the weekend, Harry also posted three blank photos on Instagram – and we suspect some type of album art or big announcement is coming our way.

April 7th could not come soon enough. We have been dying to hear new music from Harry, and if he releases an album, that brings up the possibility of a tour (!!!). This year Harry will also be starring in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, which is set to premiere this July.

Harry is the master of keeping us waiting by keeping all of his projects private and teasing them when we least expect. One thing is for sure – whatever Harry is working on, it’s going to be a hit.

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