Here’s The First Look at Taylor Swift and Zayn’s New Music Video

The "I Don't Want to Live Forever" video is happening, and there's lots of rain

Last month, Taylor Swift and Zayn took to Instagram to promote the release of their steamy new single and collab, “I Don’t Want to Live Forever.” To say we’re obsessed with the Fifty Shades Darker tune would be a gross understatement. Tbh, the day it was released, we couldn’t help but wonder if this meant there would be a Zayn and Taylor music video, but today, we are thanking the music gods because it is SO happening.

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We’re soaking up every detail about the secret shoot; here’s what we know so far:

Taylor Swift made it official when she wished Zayn a happy birthday with a shot from the actual video.

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Steamy, sultry, moody….we’re all about it.

Next, we have to thank some dedicated British fans for doing some high-level detective work; they cracked the case, finding the shooting location in London. Here’s Zayn on set:


It also looks like there will be a lot of rain…like A LOT.


There was no sign of Taylor Swift on set; although, it was rumored she was there.


And here’s the kicker. Guess who was in London on the same dates…. GIGI HADID. Could this be pointing to a possible cameo? Let it be so, music gods!


That’s all we know for now, but based on those little tidbits, it looks like it’s going to be killer. While we wait for the release, we’ll just have to go back to binge watching the lyric video.

PS: My dog gets very annoyed every time I sing “Baby, baby, I feel crazy.” Highly recommend testing it out on your pup.

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