Here’s What Camila Cabello Has Planned for 2017

You know, as in post-Fifth Harmony

Camila Cabello had an eventful 2016. In case you forgot (but, seriously, how could you?), Camila announced her plans to leave Fifth Harmony. On New Year’s Eve, the now-solo singer took some time to reflect on her 2016 and look forward to what 2017 will mean for her.

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She started by looking back on one of her favorite things about 2016: 

And inviting fans to get involved in the charity too: 

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Then, she got very real about her ~feels~: 

And tweeted some comments that *seem* to be about her big 5H departure:

Then, she looked ahead to 2017 and we have to say, her outlook is PERFECT: 

And, of course, because it’s Camila, she ended on a joke for her fans to keep things light: 

We know you have a lot of changes ahead, Camila, but in some ways at least, we hope you never, ever change.

Featured Image Source: Pinterest