High School Students Lip Sync for Charity

68 songs in 6 minutes

This is a story of lip-syncing taken to the max. Students at a high school in Avon, Indiana, a suburb of Indianapolis, created an epic YouTube video in which they lip sync 68 songs in 6 minutes. Their goal? To get people excited and raise awareness for the Riley Dance Marathon, a charity event which raises money for the Riley Hospital for Children. Last year, the school raised $17,000 for the cause and this year they plan to raise $20,000.

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Lip Syncing for Charity: high school students

Source: ABC News

The video took six weeks of planning and was filmed in a one take by a student holding a video camera and being pushed on a rolling chair by a teacher holding an iPad. The video includes buy-in from almost everyone in the school community, featuring appearances from the drama club, orchestra, lacrosse team, and homecoming court. In reaction to the degree to which the video has gained national attention, students have celebrated the fact that it brought the school together in the interest of supporting a cause. Their video also presents a challenge to other high school students out there — will anyone ever be able to top this incredible lip-syncing masterpiece?

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Featured Image Source: Antoinette Bueno