Zendaya Clears Up the “Mystery” of How to Pronounce Her Name

Literally just Zen-day-a.

Zendaya is mega-famous, but even that, apparently, isn’t enough to save her from massive confusion about how to pronounce her name. She’s explained it before and she’ll no doubt explain it again, but in the latest video on her app, she explained exactly how to say her literally-not-difficult-to-say-at-all-name, Refinery29 reports.

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So how do you say her name? Pretty much exactly how it sounds: Zen-Day-A. Not, as some people think, in the way that would rhyme with papaya.

Here she is back in her Shake It Up days, introducing herself, if you need to hear it out loud.

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Now, let’s hope this is cleared up once and for all. Finally.

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Kayleigh Roberts
Kayleigh Roberts

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