Jake Paul and Team 10 Scandal Explained

Everyone loves a circus, right?


Jake Paul and Team 10 are trending on Twitter yet again, but this time it may lead to a full on lawsuit!

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As we all know Jake Paul and Team 10 will do absolutely anything for a video! Including getting married in Vegas in a double wedding ceremony, pranking his brother by putting his brother’s Photoshopped face on a billboard, and lighting a couch on fire in an empty pool! We don’t recommend trying that last one… or the first one, or the second one.

Well now these YouTube videos have become news clips. Jake Paul’s neighbors have put in numerous complaints. So many, in fact, that the local news picked up on the story and made a visit to the Team 10 house themselves.

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When talking to the reported, Jake at least admitted that things are pretty bad. And looking at the crowd of fans in front of the Team 10 house, it’s pretty safe to say that that is true! Jake Paulers are one of the strongest fandoms on the internet.

And although the fans are super devoted, the neighbors aren’t quite having it. The reporter mentioned that fans are always outside the house waiting for Team 10 to come out. One even mentioned that their neighborhood has become a circus. Jake’s response? “But people like going to circuses right?”

Luckily the reporter was a good sport about it all, but the neighbors – not so much. They plan to have a meeting with city leaders, police, and code enforcing officials to decide what to do next.

So now, we want to hear from you guys! Who do you think is at fault? Is it Jake Paul and Team 10 or are the neighbors just exaggerating? And also, how does this reflect on the YouTube community? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Hosted by Hunter March

Written by Arianna Jonae

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