Jenn McAllister Talks All Things ‘Foursome’ Season 2

Which is hilarious, BTW

If you love shows that are hilarious, relatable, and cover all the painful/LOL-worthy awkwardness of high school, then you’ll love” target=”_blank”>Foursome. The YouTube Red series is going into its second season (which premieres TODAY, btw) and we got a chance to talk to its star, Jenn McAllister (who you might know better as jennxpenn on YouTube). Jenn filled us in on what Season 2 has in store for Andie and the rest of the Foursome, as well as what she’s up to next.

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AwesomenessTV: What big changes are we going to see for Andie this season?

Jenn McAllister: So, this season, Andie is heading into a new semester and she wants a fresh start. She’s over being bossed around by her brother and being dorky. She’s new and improved Andie and confident Andie. So that’s how the season starts off, just like a newfound confidence for her. That really makes a difference in this season.

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ATV: What are you looking forward to fans seeing and experiencing in Season 2?

JM: I’m really excited about this season. I think it’s going to be so great. There’s a lot of storylines going on for the entire foursome, where we each have our own problems and goals. There’s a new student and he’s a transfer student who is Australian and Andie thinks he’s really cute. So that plays a really big role this season with a love triangle type thing with Josh. And then just kind of telling my brother off and being my own person this year. And [Andie’s brother’s] dynamic is different with the new guy and there’s just a lot of drama. A lot of love drama.

ATV: We get to see a little of that in the first episode, with Andie standing up to her brother. How is that going to play out? Will the relationship between Andie and her brother change a lot or is he going to be really resistant to seeing Andie as more of a grownup?

JM: Yeah. Basically, without giving too much away, he’s basically the same, but he has a different dynamic with Andie’s new little love interest that she’s going after. So it makes a difference in how things play out this season.

ATV: And speaking of Andie a little more generally, how do you relate to her? How are you two the same or different and how did that impact how you approach the character?

JM: I’m kind of awkward like she is and sarcastic like she is, but differences…I feel like this season she’s really into herself. She got, like, a little over confident in the beginning [of this season]. So I don’t feel like I’m like that. She’s also very, very obsessed with boys and does all this crazy stuff. I never was like that in high school. But I related to her group of friends and that strength and bond that they have. I had the same thing in high school, so I used that going into this character.

ATV: What has it been like for you to transition from solely focusing on your own channel to moving into scripted roles and other projects?

JM: It’s been really great. I think acting has always been something that I wanted to when I was younger, so making the transition has been a really cool experience for me. Being an influencer and making videos on YouTube, it’s all up to me to do everything, so it was kind of nice to work on a project where I’m just acting and other people take care of everything else and I just have to show up and it’s gonna happen. So that was really fun, but I think the transition has been going really well so far.

ATV: Since you do have so much experience running a channel and creating, do you ever get a chance to give any creative input for Foursome?

JM: We don’t get a lot of creative say because we’re just actors on it, but we often pitch joke ideas. And we pitched a joke idea which I can’t say because it’ll give away stuff for this season, but the writers were really into the idea. But I think the most control all of us have over our characters is the way that they talk. We improv a lot of things, so sometimes that ends up getting used instead of the actual line or we’ll, like, riff jokes with the writers and everyone.

ATV: That’s really cool. Do you have any favorite improvised lines or scenes that made it into the show?

JM: Well, I’ve only seen the first and fourth episodes [of Season 2], so I have no idea what’s going to happen, but Meghan [Falcone], who plays Courtney, is like my favorite person ever to work with because she improvs all the time and it’s so funny. So a lot of her lines throughout, like even last season, just are improv that ended up making it in.

ATV: What’s next for you? Do you have any other projects coming up besides Foursome that we should look out for?

JM: Right now, I’m really focused on Foursome, but next year I’m going on tour in four places. I’m going to Chicago, Toronto, Seattle, and San Francisco and that’s at the end of January and everyone who comes gets to meet me, so I’m really excited about it. It’s like a comedy, interactive tour. And I’m also working on more acting projects next year, so I’m really excited about that, too.

Foursome, which is produced by AwesomenessTV, premieres today with new episodes posted every Wednesday on YouTube Red. Check out the Season 2 trailer below.

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