Justin Bieber Gives an Impromptu Performance in Toronto

Why aren't we in Canada?

“Never Say Never” when it comes to Justin Bieber surprising us. Some lucky peeps were treated to an impromptu piano performance by the singer at a Toronto pub over the weekend.

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According to a press release from the Fifth Pubhouse, the singer wandered in alone on Sunday night. (Um, WHAAAAT was he doing alone?! Invite US, Justin!) He watched the Toronto Raptors basketball game before asking the staff if he could play the restaurant’s piano.

Of course the staff said YASSS, and Bieber tickled the ivories, belting out a number of songs, including the Beatles’ “Let It Be,” and his monstrous hit, “Sorry”.

And apparently the sometimes-troubled pop star had nothing to be sorry for, because, according to the staff, he was the perfect guest. Pub owner Oliver Geddes says the Canadian pop star was gracious to both staff and customers, while bartender Dale McDermott described Bieber as a “very genuine guy.” Awwww.

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If you want to watch Bieber’s piano performance (and of course you do), make sure to watch the videos below.



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