Justin Bieber Shades The Weeknd, Selena Gomez Comes Out With Revenge Song

This song is totally about Justin, and we love it

We can barely keep up with Selena Gomez these days. If she’s not flitting around Italy with her new “rumored” beau, The Weeknd, she’s releasing her first new single since her break from music (it’s called “It Ain’t Me,” a collab with Kygo, and it’s everything).

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If she’s not announcing her new Netflix YA tv show, she’s throwing spectacular $30,000 birthday parties for her boyfriend. That’s right, she won the Best Girlfriend award earlier this month after laying down some major bucks for The Weeknd’s birthday at Dave and Busters.

What about Justin Bieber, you ask? Well….he’s busy in his own right.  Looks like he’s spending his time shading Sel’s new man. On two occasions he’s publicly made it known how he feels about The Weeknd and his music.

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When asked by TMZ cameras what he thought about the “Starboy” singer’s music, he said he couldn’t listen to it because it’s “whack.” The Weeknd reportedly took the high road and took to Twitter with a simple response: “They all gorgeous.”

But oh no. That wasn’t the end for Justin Bieber; on the night of the Grammys (which he didn’t attend), his friend asked him what his favorite song of the moment was on Instagram Live. Justin responded, “Starboy by The Weeknd.” The two then burst out laughing. So much shade, Justin.

Now, back to Selena’s amazing new single. This is so about Justin. SO about Justin. “I had a dream, we were back to seventeen”. Selena was 17 when she met Justin!

Let’s just say it’s the ultimate revenge track. Go re-listen to the lyrics with this in mind. We’re glad Selena finally got a word in. Long live, Queen Sel!

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