Justin Bieber’s Little Sister Jazmyn Is Now A YouTuber

Following in KidRauhl's foot steps

Eight-year-old Jazmyn Bieber is branching out into the entertainment world with her own official YouTube Channel.

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Interestingly enough, Jazmyn’s big bro Justin Bieber just celebrated #10yearsofkidrauhl, the YouTube channel that changed his life and skyrocketed him to become an internationally known star. So it’s no surprise that his little sis is attempting the same avenue of fame.

“My sister has a YouTube channel. Proud of you Jazzy,” Justin wrote in a supportive Facebook Post.

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Unlike her brother, Jazmyn is not using YouTube to showcase her singing voice. So what can you expect from her channel? The Whisper Challenge, shout-outs, drone footage, special guests, bloopers and pleas for pet hamsters.

Jazzy’s co-host is her best friend and step-sister, Allie Rebelo.

Her videos have featured Justin’s songs “Cold Water” and “Baby” so we can only hope that these are subtle hints that a future episode will feature an epic guest appearance from JB himself.

Jazmyn and Justin aren’t the only Bieber’s who have sought out YouTube success — little bro Jaxon and their dad Jeremy also have official YouTube channel’s and have uploaded fun, family videos.

Besides hosting her own show on YouTube and serving an audience of 1.3 million on Instagram, Jazmyn has taken reign as the official “Kid Ambassador” of KidsWifi, a service that eliminates negative or explicit content from the internet to make surfing the web family-friendly.

Jazmyn is well on her way to becoming the next internet queen, for sure.

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