Katy Perry Calls for an End to the Bad Blood Between Her and Taylor Swift

She wants mad love again

Katy Perry Calls for an End to the Bad Blood Between Her and Taylor Swift


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Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been publicly feuding since 2013, when supposedly a handful of Taylor’s backup dancers left her tour to join Katy’s. The two pop stars used to be good friends (Taylor even attended Katy’s birthday party in 2009), but the dancer loyalty issue apparently drove a wedge between them.

Since then, the “bad blood” hasn’t gone away and neither Katy nor Taylor has apologized—until now.

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While promoting her new album “Witness,” Katy’s been asked by more than a few interviewers about the now four-year-old feud. She told “Late Late Show” host James Corden, “Honestly, it’s really like she started it and it’s time for her to finish it,” but rather than continue to wait for Taylor to step up, Katy’s issued a public apology.

Speaking to Ariana Huffington on The Thrive Global Podcast, Katy said, “I am ready to let it go. I forgive her and I’m sorry for anything I ever did, and I hope the same from her. I think it’s actually like, I think it’s time. There are bigger fish to fry, and there are real problems in the world. You know what I’m saying?

And I love her, and I want the best for her. And I think she’s a fantastic songwriter, and I think that, you know, if we, both her and I, can be representatives of strong women that come together despite their differences, I think the whole world is going to go like, ‘Yeah, well we can do this.’ I don’t know. Like maybe I don’t agree with everything she does and she doesn’t agree with everything I do, but I just really truly want to come together in a place of love and forgiveness and understanding and compassion.”

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The podcast described Katy as looking “visibly relieved” after her apology and even breaking into a rendition of the song “Let It Go” from Frozen.

Here’s hoping Taylor accepts Katy’s apology and the pair can move on together.

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