Kian Lawley And Anne Winters To Star In YA Series

The new series will premiere on go90 this year

AwesomenessTV has officially greenlit our next favorite YA digital scripted series titled Zac and Mia. Kian Lawley will share the screen with Anne Winters in this new digital show. You’ll recognize Kian from his hit YouTube channel as well as Before I Fall. Anne Winters has had roles in Tyrant (FX) and Wicked City (ABC).

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The show is an adaptation of A.J. Betts’ YA novel by the same name. The plot centers on two seventeen-year-olds who live very separate lives, in very different social circles.  However, at the hospital where they are both receiving cancer treatments, those social rules no longer apply. The two form a bond through their shared fear, hopes, and courage, rewriting the tradition teen romance.

If you’re a fan of The Fault in Our Stars, looks like this one’s for you.

Production officially started for Zac and Mia on Saturday, and will air on go90 later this year.

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Feature Image Source: AwesomenessTV