Kit Kat Fills Student’s Car With 6,500 Bars

We bet it was a pretty "sweet" surprise

We all know the cliché that crime doesn’t pay but this time it did – for the victim. College student, Hunter Jobbins, turned to social media when a Kit Kat bar was stolen from his unlocked car. Jobbins left his parked car in front of his dorm with a Kit Kat in the cup holder. When he returned, 15 minutes later, the candy was gone with a hand scribbled note in its place explaining that the car was unlocked and the thief was hungry.

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The maker of Kit Kat saw the posting and promised in a tweet to replace the stolen candy. They took that promise seriously and filled Jobbins car with 6500 Kit Kats, plenty for Jobbins to share with all his friends.

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Jobbins holds no grudge against the thief for helping himself to the candy in his car. In fact, he asked the thief to come forward so he could offer thanks, a hug and loads of Kit Kats. This is a crime story where everyone is a winner – Jobbins gets his fifteen minutes of fame, the maker of Kit Kat gets good press and the thief gets a free pass for the crime plus an offer for more of the sweet treats he craves.

Featured Image Source: Chris Furmeister