Kylie Just Covered Up Her Tyga Tattoo

So...Kyga is probably really over now

Kylie Jenner and Tyga had a whirlwind, on- and off-again relationship. The pair were the subject of dating rumors long before they ever went official (there’s an eight-year age difference between them).

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They’ve been on and off since then, but as recently as this spring, they seemed to be trying to make it work.


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Lately, however, Kylie has been linked to Travis Scott, which had some people wondering if she had finally moved on from Tyga for good. If you’re still shipping Kyga, we might have finally gotten the final nail in that relationship coffin, however.

Kylie stepped out with a big sign that she’s done with Tyga for good. Remember the “T” tattoo (for Tyga) she had on her ankle?

Kylie Covered Up Her Tyga Tattoo - T tattoo

Source: Teen Vogue

Well, now it looks like the ink has been updated to say “LA” in loopy, lowercase cursive:

Kylie Covered Up Her Tyga Tattoo - LA tattoo

Source: Teen Vogue

Welp, that sure looks like a sign. RIP, Kyga.

Featured Image Source: Vanity Fair