Kylie Jenner Babysitting Tyga’s Son Is The Cutest Thing

You Must See These Adorable Moments

Over the weekend there was a new Kardashian added to the family! Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna finally had their baby, Dream Kardashian, and while Chyna was in the hospital someone had to watch King Cairo. So who better than Tyga‘s current girlfriend, Kylie Jenner?

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King Kylie was babysitting King Cairo, and of course she had to take the adorable moments to snapchat. The two were the highlight of our snapchat stories this weekend, and it could not have gotten any cuter.

King Cairo admits to liking Kylie in the cutest way, check it out in this snapchat!

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This is just an adorableness overload! If it can’t get any cuter, check out the two of them messing around with the snapchat filters!


And of course we have to bring in the new snapchat filters of the Christmas Carolers.


King Cairo also seemed to enjoy the one that flips your face upside down. I mean, who wouldn’t?


We’re hoping we get to see more cute moments of King Kylie and King Cairo in the future!

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