Kylie Jenner Chooses Her Fave Selfies Of 2016

She's the #SelfieQueen

She’s a makeup mogul and a fashion icon, but another thing that the one and only Kylie Jenner is known for being is a total selfie queen. She definitely has the selfie-taking skills down pat – from the perfect lighting to the greatest angles, and we wish she could teach us her ways of getting the most flawless selfies so effortlessly.

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Being a selfie queen obviously comes with a lot of selfies being shared on social media and we’re always left in awe anytime Kylie shares a new one on the gram. Since we could never choose which one of Kylie Jenner’s selfies are our fave (we love them all!) well, she did it for us! Kylie Jenner shared on her website “The Selfies That Stand Out From 2016” and she picked a total of 20.

Let’s take a look at a few of Kylie’s faves:

1. Her bathroom selfie

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Kylie looks so stunning in every selfie she takes – we def agree with her that this is one of our faves!


2. Kylie’s Christina Aguilera selfie

Not only did Kylie totally rock one of the greatest Halloween costumes as Christina Aguilera, but she even shared one awesome selfie from her fun day too!

#kingkylie #xtina

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3. Her car window selfie

YAS King Kylie, #LookBackAtIt


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4. Kylie’s super cute selfie with Tyga

Kylie and Tyga are by far one of our favorite couples. We ship them so hard. They even take amazing selfies together – #Goals.


5. Kylie’s #NoMakeup selfie

Kylie Jenner looks gorgeous both with and without makeup. Look at those adorable freckles!

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We can’t wait for all of the new selfies that the incredible Kylie Jenner will be sharing this year!

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