Laura Marano Just Teamed Up With Nintendo For The Best Reason

Because girls love gaming too

Actress/singer Laura Marano has a secret love: gaming. Although the 20-year-old star keeps a crazy schedule, Laura makes time for gaming when she can. She got a big dose of it recently when she was invited by Nintendo to host the 3DS Girls Love Gaming Event. Laura and some other lucky ducks were invited to tap into their inner gamer and spend the day exploring some of Nintendo’s classic games plus some that haven’t yet been released.

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Laura got hooked on gaming as a young girl when she started playing on a Nintendo Game Boy. She still has a soft spot for that old school device but also loves her latest toys including the Nintendo 3DSXL and Wii. She encourages girls to ignore anyone who says gaming is just for boys and to jump in and try it. When Laura is not relaxing with a friend and a game console, she is busy with a couple of new film projects including one in which she’ll be working with superstar Robert De Niro. She is also working on releasing her next single. Okay, so maybe she doesn’t really spend quite as much time gaming as she’d like.

The Power of Gaming Girls: video games

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