Laurie Hernandez Is Going To Be On A Disney Channel Show

We're so excited

It’s clear to see that the amazing Laurie Hernandez can do it all – she’s an incredible Olympic gymnast, she is a fantastic dancer (who even won season 23 of Dancing With The Stars) and now, she can add “actress” onto her super impressive resume. Back in April, Laurie Hernandez chatted with Team USA and mentioned that acting was something she was very interested in pursuing and she even revealed that she sent in an audition to one network… the Disney Channel!

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Laurie Hernandez said, “I just finished an audition tape for Disney, and I’m waiting to hear. I think absolutely I would love to be an actress.” It looks like the audition went really well and Laurie blew everyone away (no surprise there!) as it has just recently been announced that the outstanding gymnast will be having a guest-starring role on Disney Channel’s Stuck in the Middle.


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The episode titled, “Stuck in a Gold Medal Performance” is set to air on June 23rd, so we’re definitely marking our calendars down as we do not want to miss this exceptional episode. It has been reported that in the episode, Laurie Hernandez will spend some time with the Diaz family during dinner where all of the excitement begins.


Stuck in the Middle is a show we all love watching and we feel like the Diaz family is an extended family of our own. We can’t wait to see Laurie Hernandez show off her phenomenal, acting skills in the show!

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