Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole Are Reportedly Expecting A Child

we are so excited for the couple

Liam Payne was always known as “Daddy Direction”, aka the dad of the group…and it looks like the nickname just got a whole new meaning!

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There had been previous rumors that Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole were expecting a child, but nothing had been confirmed. Now, pictures have surfaced of the adorable couple out in London, and it’s got everyone believing that they are expecting their first child together FOR REAL.


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We could not be more happy for Liam and Cheryl. They’ve got to be one of the cutest couples around!

They are so supportive of each other on social media.



Neither Liam nor Cheryl have spoken out on their social media accounts just yet, but we are so excited to hear this news and know that Directioners everywhere are going to be so supportive as Liam transitions to becoming a father!

They guys from One Direction must be stoked as well. Maybe Louis can give him some tips on being on a dad?

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