Listen to Christina Grimmie’s Incredible New Song

"Invisible" will be your new favorite dance tune

Christina Grimmie‘s parents just released a new song by the late superstar singer. “Invisible” is an upbeat, girl power, dance tune that we can’t get enough of. Take a listen:

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The song will be featured on an album that the Grimmie family plans to release featuring all original Christina tunes. According to her brother, Marcus Grimmie, she had about 50-60 unreleased songs with completely finished vocals at the time of her tragic death.

Marcus spoke to Elvis Duran Show on the families decision to keep releasing Christina’s music, expressing, “It’s completely and utterly amazing because obviously we were devastated as a family,” Marcus said. “For the first three months, we didn’t even do anything, and then around August, I would say, we were like, ‘Hey, you know, we have so much music that she’s been working on.’ And close fans, friends and family have asked us about it constantly, and we owe it to her.”

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While we support the Grimmie family either way, we’re thrilled that there will be more Christina music in the future.

Proceeds from “Invisible” will go toward creating a foundation under Christina Grimmie’s name. As of now, the family isn’t sure exactly what the foundation will support, but they have a few ideas: “She was super passionate about breast cancer awareness, animal safety, anti-bullying. There are so many things. So, we are just figuring out what’s the best way to allocate the funds,” Marcus Grimmie commented.

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