Sponsored Ball Pit at Vidcon, Here’s Why We Loved It

You've got to check out the app Sponsors Ball Pit at Vidcon, Here's Why We Love It


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Vidcon is one of our favorite times of the year. From getting awesome selfies with some of our fave YouTubers, hanging with our squad and collecting some pretty serious swag, it’s safe to say Vidcon is a pretty Insta-worthy  event.

Even better? Awesomeness partnered with to take your Vidcon experience to a whole new level. Together, we produced a ball pit with slo-mo photo experience for fans at Vidcon.

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Here’s what you need to know about it’s a full featured live broadcasting platform for creators. Plus, it has the new ability to record and edit short videos as well as broadcast games. So basically, it’s the perfect way to share all of the amazing moments you captured with your squad.

Make sure to download the app to learn more about and to start making videos, send virtual gifts, and even chat with some of your favorite influencers! It’s the perfect way to get over those post-Vidcon blues.