Hilary Duff Weighed in On a ‘Lizzie McGuire’ Spin-Off


Hilary Duff Weighed in On a Lizzie McGuire Spin-Off

We’re psyched for Disney‘s That’s So Raven! spin-off, Raven’s Home, which premieres in July, and it has our brains turning with ideas for other old school Disney favorites we’d love to see make comebacks.

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Right at the top of that list is Lizzie McGuire. We’re not the only ones imagining what Lizzie would be up to in 2017. Hilary Duff just weighed in on where she thinks Lizzie would be today.

“I think Lizzie McGuire would be an intern still, like, dropping papers all over the floor,” she said, according to Teen Vogue.

But don’t get too excited about a Lizzie spin-off—Hilary also admitted that she’s not interested in returning to the character, even though she still absolutely loves and appreciates the experience.

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“I don’t [miss it], but I loved it and honestly it prepared me for so much and I think — just like it hit everyone else when they needed it to at that time of their lives — it did the same thing for me,” she explained on Good Morning America earlier this month. “I totally related to her, loved her, felt like I was her completely. It totally worked, she was just so relatable, but I’m kind of glad to move on.”

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