Logan and Jake Paul Beef Explained

Things just got SAVAGE

Logan Paul pranks

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Days ago, Logan Paul released the ultimate revenge against his brother, Jake, and it involved his EX GIRLFRIEND! You probably already saw that video, as well as the reunion between the two since then, but for those that haven’t, we’ll catch you up on the drama so you’re not left out.

If you’re a part of the Logang, or if you’re a Jake Pauler, then you probably know all about the crazy prank war between Logan and his younger brother Jake that’s been happening on their vlogs for weeks now. But fans thought things were all good when Jake posted this video to his channel called “I Love You Bro.”

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But of course, once a prankster always a prankster. Jake pulled one of his biggest pranks to date. He put up a Billboard on Melrose of Logan wearing HIS merch, oh and he has a missing tooth, enlarged nose, and is generally messed up. And if you don’t know what Melrose is…think of the most popular street in your city, now imagine every celebrity and entertainment industry executive driving down it. That’s like 25% of what Melrose is.

Needless to say, Logan was upset about the whole ordeal, and a few days ago, posted what some are saying is the ultimate clapback and probably the end to the Paul Brothers’ Prank War.

In the beginning of Logan’s video, everything seems pretty innocent and like a normal Logan Paul vlog. That is until right around the 5:20 mark… yeah, that’s Alissa Violet aka Jake Paul’s ex girlfriend! Jake and Alissa had a very public and emotional breakup so we were all pretty surprised to see her and Logan together. That’s pretty much the ultimate diss for the ultimate diss track right there!

Then things heat up even more when we see Alissa wearing a “Logang” shirt while Logan rapped about her leaving Jake to join the Logang. Then to top it all off, at the end of the video, Logan raises the camera and finishes it by leaning in to kiss Alissa Violet…the camera turns off and we don’t actually see any smooch action, so we’re guessing it probably didn’t really happen…or did it?

Anyway, you already saw that. But after this video was released, we couldn’t help but wonder…What does Jake himself have to say about this!? Especially because his relationship with Alissa was somewhat tumultuous. Well, it looks like our question was answered when Jake posted this video on his YouTube channel:

So it appears to be all good between Jake and Logan! Until of course, one of them gets bored…. And then who knows. But now I want to hear from you guys! What did you think about this entire situation? Let us know in the comments below.

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