Lucy Hale Just Landed a New TV Show

We will so be tuning in

If you’ve been worried how you’ll survive without your quality Lucy Hale time after Pretty Little Liars ends this year, we have great news for you. Lucy Hale just landed the lead role in a new CW pilot titled Life Sentence.

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 A dramedy, Life Sentence, follows a young woman (Lucy) who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Sounds overdone right? Well, wait just a second. It turns out Lucy’s character was misdiagnosed and will live a full, long life. There’s just one problem: now, she’s going to have to clean up the mess she made after acting recklessly when she was first diagnosed. Uh-oh.

The pilot will air on CW, but unfortunately, there’s no word when just yet. Stay tuned.

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In the meantime, we can stay occupied with the last ten episodes of Pretty Little Liars which will air this April. We also have Shay Mitchell’s new reality show to look forward to. Shades of Shay follows the actress as she transitions from PLL to her next acting adventures. Yes! This means there will be behind-the-scenes footage of the last season of PLL (or so they’re promising).

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